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GitHub tag (latest SemVer) Go Report Card ci pre-commit task

A tool for automatically generating markdown documentation for cooklang recipes


💾 Installation

brew install nicholaswilde/tap/cook-docs
scoop bucket add nicholaswilde
scoop install nicholaswilde/cook-docs

⚙ Usage


The mode of operation of cook-docs is to process all recipes in the working directory and sub folders. See Mode of Operation for details.

Run binary directly
# OR
cook-docs --dry-run # prints generated documentation to stdout rather than modifying markdown files.

⭐ Contributing

See Contributing

✨ Code of Conduct

See Code of Conduct

💡 Inspiration

Inspiration for this repository has been taken from helm-docs.

⚖ License

Apache License 2.0

📝 Author

This project was started in 2022 by Nicholas Wilde.