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cook-docs was created to help automate the generation of markdown files from cooklang recipes. I am using cooklang to help collect my recipes from all over the internet and I wanted to publish them on my website using mkdocs-material but I got tired of manually creating the markdown files. I knew from my experience with k8s-at-home helm charts that helm-docs existed as a tool that automatically generates markdown files from template and value files and I thought that I could make something similar for cooklang.

🌊 Workflow

My ideal workflow consists of me using cook-import to parse a website from a recipe, commit it to my recipes repo, and have GitHub Actions generate the markdown files using cook-docs and publish them to my recipes mkdocs-material website.

🚊 Mode of Operation

The way that cook-docs works is similar to helm-docs where it crawls through the working directory and its sub folders and looks for any *.cook files and template files to process. This mode of operation is preferred over specifying each recipe file to process to help with automation. However, this requires the user to be diligent in how, when, and where they are using cook-docs. See ignoring recipe directories for how to ignore directories and files.