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My Debian based dotfiles.

πŸš€ TL;DR

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
cd ~/git/nicholaswilde/dotfiles2
task dotfiles

β„Ή About

Dotfiles are used to customize your system. The "dotfiles" name is derived from the configuration files in Unix-like systems that start with a dot (e.g. .bash_profile and .gitconfig). For normal users, this indicates these are not regular documents, and by default are hidden in directory listings. For power users, however, they are a core tool belt. - webpro

This repo is used to manage my dotfiles by automating the backup and installation of them. This repo also backups a list of Homebrew formulas and apt packages that can be easily redeployed. The repo also uses a ubuntu-server Docker image as a virtual environment for testing.

πŸ’‘ Inspiration

Inspiration for this repository has been taken from jessfraz/dotfiles.

βš–β€‹ License

​Apache 2.0 License

πŸ“β€‹ Author

​This project was started in 2022 by Nicholas Wilde.