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📃 Script

Variables inside the script may be changed to customize the repo.


The variable names inside of the script are prefixed with DEFAULT_.

Variable name Description Default value
ORG_NAME The GitHub organization name nicholaswilde
GIT_DIR The git directory in which the repo is is cloned ${HOME}/git/${ORG_NAME}
EMAIL_ADDRESS The email address used to log into lastpass-cli [email protected]
REPO_NAME The name of the GitHub repository dotfiles2
REPO_URL The URL of the repository [email protected]:${ORG_NAME}/${REPO_NAME}.git
REPO_DIR The directory to which the repo is locally cloned ${GIT_DIR}/${REPO_NAME}
GPG_LPASS_ID The ID of the GPG lastpass-cli entry gpg
GPG_LPASS_ATTACH_ID The attachment ID of the GPG lastpass-cli private key att-8017296795546256342-55097
SSH_LPASS_ID The ID of the SSH lastpass-cli entry ssh
SSH_LPASS_ATTACH_ID The attachment ID of the SSH lastpass-cli private key att-4322045537695550419-20689

Variables may be changed during runtime by adding the variable values to the script run command.

/bin/bash -c "$(ORG_NAME=myorgname curl -fsSL"

🗃 Dotfiles

New dotfiles just need to be added to the root directory of the repo and task will then automatically add a symbolic link when task dotfiles is run.

⚙ Config Files

New config files need to be added to the .config repo directory and then the dotfiles task in Taskfile.yaml needs to be updated.