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My home Kubernetes cluster ⛵

... managed by Flux and serviced with RenovateBot 🤖

k3s pre-commit task renovate ci lint validate

My home Kubernetes (k3s) cluster managed by GitOps (Flux2)

🌄  Background

My cluster computing journey started last year when Jeff Geerling released his Turing Pi Cluster YouTube series 🔢 . Now, I've always been into the Raspberry Pi ever since the release of version 1 and playing around with home networking projects such as running a Pi Hole 🍓  server or a CUPS printer server, 🖨  etc. The Turing Pi is a great "cheap" and compact way for my to branch out into cluster computing since I was tired of trying to remember which application I was running on which Raspberry Pi.

After getting the Turing Pi 1, I noticed that there weren't very many charts available period, let alone for armv7 architectures. 😢  That led me into building my own Docker images 🐋  and creating my Helm Charts repo ☸  which then led me to collaborating with the awesome k8s@home team. 😁  Now, here I am, rebuilding my cluster and diving into the GitOps world 🌎.

🤝  Thanks

A lot of inspiration for my cluster came from the people that have shared their clusters over at awesome-home-kubernetes.

⚖  License

Apache 2.0 License

📝  Author

This project was started in 2021 by Nicholas Wilde.