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My cluster runs the K3S version of kubernetes due to its lightness in weight.

🛳  Deployment

I'm currently using the k3s-ansible repo to deploy K3S on my cluster.

My plan is eventually create my own ansible playbook and save it in this repo.

After making a copy of the inventory directory, be sure to change the values in group_vars/all.yaml file.

The easiest way to see the latest k3s_version is to browse the k3s upgrade channels.

# group_vars/all.yml
k3s_version: v1.17.5+k3s1
ansible_user: pi

I also add the following extra_server_args to ensure that pods don't bog down my master.

# group_vars/all.yml
extra_server_args: "--node-taint CriticalAddonsOnly=true:NoExecute"

Update the hosts.ini file with the ip addresses of your nodes.

Deploy k3s:

ansible-playbook site.yml

↩  Reset

The cluster may be reset by running the reset.yml file.

ansible-playbook reset.yml