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Specifications for my home cluster.

💻  Software

⚙  Hardware

💾  Storage

I'm using using anything fancy for storage such as rook-ceph nor Longhorn. Just a 5TB disk being served by a Raspberry Pi 4 B 🍓 via NFS and integrated into the cluster using nfs-subdir-external-provisioner.

🌐  Networking

I don't use any fancy networking in my cluster, yet. This is definitely a topic that I want tackle at a later date. Currently, I'm using Traefik with external-dns to serve my applications.

🤖  Automation

I try to use automaiton as much as possible when developing my projects so that I don't have to remember or perform the same tasks over and over. Some of those automations include using pre-commit, Task, and GitHub Actions.

🛠  Tools