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🔎 About

The purpose of the libbash project is to create a collection of bash libraries to centralize common functions that can be shared across multiple projects. That way, if a bug if fixed in a library function, each project doesn't need to be updated manually.

Functions are organized into libraries into separate libraries for better organization. Each library may be imported individually in order to reduce the amount of overhead during loading. Some libraries, however, are imported automatically by the init library.

🗂 Organization

📚 Libraries

Each library is located in the root of the libbash repository in order to reduce the length of the import path. The downside to this method is that it becomes difficult to determine which files are libraries.

Naming Conventions

🏛 Public Functions

Public functions are prefixed with lb_ to help determine which functions are being supplied by libbash.

🔒 Private Functions

Private functions are prefixed with _lb_ and are not meant to be used outside of libbash, even though they can be.