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brew install go-task/tap/go-task
# For Default Installion to ./bin with debug logging
sh -c "$(curl --location" -- -d

# For Installation To /usr/local/bin for userwide access with debug logging
# May require sudo sh
sh -c "$(curl --location" -- -d -b /usr/local/bin


      # Check if variable exists
      - test -n "{{ .CHART }}" || (echo "Please define CHART parameter"; exit 1)
      # Check if directory exists
      - test -d {{.GIT_ROOT}}/charts/{{.CHART}} || (echo "Chart {{ .CHART }} doesn't exist"; exit 1) 
      # Check if a file exists
      - test -f {{.GIT_ROOT}}/charts/{{.CHART}} || (echo "Chart {{ .CHART }} doesn't exist"; exit 1) 
    silent: true

!!! NOTE: If you want to call a task declared in the root Taskfile from within an included Taskfile, add a leading : like this: task: :task-name.

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