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🥗 Recipes 📖

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My collection of recipes made with cooklang.

The cooklang files are stored in the cook folder and the markdown files are stored in the docs folder.


Aliases used
alias e='micro'
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👉  Up Next

See this link for a list up recipes to make next.

🖼  Background

This collection is a consolidation of recipes from many different sources to make it easier to reference in one location and to guard against recipes disappearing from the Internet. The recipes are meant to be used for my own personal reference.


Myself being a lacto-ovo vegetarian, will often convert the original recipes to fit my diet. Recipes that have been passed down through the original ingredients are kept to use the original ingredients or at least list a vegetarian alternative.


Recipes, when applicable, have the original source specified to give them credit.


giscus comments system is implemented on this site to make it easier to make comments on recipes when cooking. The comments can then be used at a later date to update the recipe.


Recipes that I come across on the Internet and have not yet been incorporated into my site are tracked in the repository issues.


Recipes on this site might be different than the sourced recipes due to personal modifications. E.g. changing the amount of chili powder to make the dish less spicy or aging cookie dough where egg white are the main liquid component in order to control spread and concentrate flavor.

🔑  Assumptions

The following may be assumed throughout the site unless otherwise specified

  • Butter refers to unsalted butter.
  • salt refers to kosher salt.
  • pepper refers to black pepper.
  • flour refers to all-purpose flour.
  • vanilla refers to vanilla extract.
  • heavy cream is the same as whipping and double cream.
  • stock is the same as broth.
  • caster, white, and sugar is the same as granulated sugar.
  • powdered sugar is the same as confectioners' sugar.
  • brown sugar measurements are packed.
  • brown sugar refers to light brown sugar.
  • Temperatures are in °F.
  • Powdered measurements are sifted.
  • Liquid ingredient measurements in g are equivalent to mL.

⚙  Development

Development of this site is documented here.

⚖ ​License

Apache 2.0 License

📝 ​Author

​This project was started in 2022 by Nicholas Wilde.