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🧈 Beurre Manié

Beurre Manié

⏲ Total Time
5 minutes

⚖ Ratio (Weight)

🧈 butter 🌾 all-purpose flour
2 1

🧂 Ingredients

  • 🧈 some softened butter
  • 🌾 some all-purpose flour

🍳 Cookware

  • 1 fork

📝 Instructions

Step 1

Simply mix equal parts of softened butter and all-purpose flour together in a small bowl, and use your fingers or a fork to form a smooth paste. Then roll teaspoon-size amounts of the paste into balls.

Step 2

Note: You can also make large amounts of beurre manie in a food processor and store the balls in the freezer, bringing them to room temperature before use.

Step 3

When simmering a sauce, whisk in one ball at a time as needed. Allow the mixture to return to a boil, and cook for at east 1 minute to thicken. If your sauce is not as thick as you'd like, add a bit more beurre manie. The butter-coated flour particles will melt and quickly thicken the sauce as it simmers, and the additional butter will add a sleek luster, similar to the effect of mounting a sauce with cold butter.

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