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🍦 Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

⏲ Total Time
5-6 weeks

🧂 Ingredients

  • 🍦 3 vanilla beans
  • 🥃 2 oz vodka or bourbon

🍳 Cookware

  • 1 2-fl. oz glass bottle

📝 Instructions

Step 1

Cut your vanilla beans in half, then split open each half to expose the vanilla seeds on the inside of the pod.

Step 2

Place cut vanilla beans inside your 2-fl. oz glass bottle.

Step 3

Add vodka or bourbon, filling up to the neck of the bottle.

Step 4

Seal tightly and store bottle in a cool, dry place.

Step 5

Every few days, tilt your bottle upside down to gently mix the liquid inside.

Step 6

After 5-6 weeks, you have extract! (If you leave in your vanilla beans, when you start running low, just add more vodka and wait a little.)

Step 7

Note: As a guide you use 1 cup/8 ozs of vodka to 4 - 6 vanilla beans, depending on the quality of the beans.

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