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🧈 Tofu Preparation

Terri's Quick and Easy Way

After purchasing tofu in plastic container from the produce section of the grocery store, bring it home and place directly in the freezer. This greatly lengthens the time allowed for using it, since it won't be spoiling within a couple of weeks. When ready to use in a stir fry or other dish, defrost completely by either placing in the refrigerator for 24+ hours, or submerging in a large bowl of very warm water. If submerging, it will take an hour or so and will require changing the water a couple of times to make sure it stays very warm. Once defrosted, open the container and drain out excess water. You will notice that the molecular structure of the tofu has actually changed. It is much firmer and more sponge-like. It can now be handled with ease and the water can be squeezed out of it using your hands, just like wringing out a sponge.